Cybersecurity Awareness Session

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) announced an initiative entitled "Digitally Secure Higher Education" in partnership with the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) and the National Center for Computer and Network Emergency Preparedness (NEPCC), under the patronage of Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and within the framework of the directives to support digital transformation and enhance awareness among government staff of the risks of protecting data and networks and the importance of cybersecurity. The initiative aims to raise awareness among all employees of the Ministry from all its affiliates in the higher education and scientific research system of the importance of cybersecurity, and to support the safe use of ICT tools.   The initiative addresses a number of axes, the most important of which is the definition of the country's efforts in enhancing cybersecurity and its pivotal role in driving the locomotive of digital transformation, as well as introducing safe awareness mechanisms and common security threats such as phishing, social engineering and malware.  The initiative also discusses ways to secure social media and precautionary measures to secure passwords, as well as introducing legislation and laws regulating cybersecurity to government staff, tools for securing the workspace, devices and private data, discussing data security and privacy, and the best ways to protect personal and professional information, best security practices and conclusions.  Dr. Sherif Keshk, Assistant Minister for Smart Governance, stated that this initiative is in line with the pioneering role played by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to identify the pillars of appropriate plans and programs to implement its future vision that is in line with the achievement of Egypt's Vision 2030 and aims through it to adopt development programs to enhance digital awareness among all members of the higher education system, including faculty members, administrators and students, noting that the nature of information and data in the higher education and scientific research system is a high degree of This is why we adopt an initiative that would raise awareness and continuous training to qualify and enable government staff to safely deal with modern technology and policies for the optimal use of information of particular importance.



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