Academic Staff Program

Under sponsorship of MoHESR, AWS launched an academic staff enablement program during the academic year 2023/2024 with multiple virtual and in person activities over the academic year on a weekly basis. The academic staff enablement program will support educators’ journey to understand various cloud and emerging technology skills. This will allow educators to start and grow with a wealth of learning resources, exclusive webinars, free Q&A sessions and office hours sessions with an AWS expert. Also,it will cover various technical and nontechnical topics which includes professional, cloud skills, personal, entrepreneurship, teaching skills and more toward graduating well prepared employable students. 
This enablement plan is designed to help integrate cloud into tools and applications. The training included in this learning plan will expose educators to the broadest and deepest set of cloud services and supporting cloud infrastructure. This enablement plan will also help prepare you for the AWS Certified certification exams and provide a free hands-on learning environment. 


The enablement plan designed to support and enhance the effectiveness of academic staff members in their roles  within their educational institutions. This program encompasses a range of activities and strategies aimed at providing professional development, training, resources, and support to faculty members. The enablement plan calendar is designed to provide the educators the flexibility of synchronous or unsynchronous learning experience, and it will include,  
• Professional and technical development workshops: These workshops cover various topics such as technology 
teaching methodologies, assessment strategies, instructional technology, research methodologies, and technical 
• Teaching and learning support: Program offer resources and support services to help faculty members improve their teaching effectiveness, develop course materials, and incorporate innovative teaching methods and 
modules. These workshops also cover various topics such as Introduction to AWS education and research programs, how to get stated with AWS Academy program, AWS Academy Deep Dive: Program Guide, and introduction to AWS SageMaker Lab, AWS DeepRacer, AWS Machine Learning University, Open Data on AWS and Amazon Science. 
• Technology integration: Programs may offer training and support for utilizing technology tools and platforms in teaching and research. 
• Mentoring programs: Pairing with AWS and AWS APN Partner expertise with experienced mentors can help facilitate their technical capabilities growth and provide guidance and support.


MoHESR AWS Academic Hub is all about supporting universities, academic staff and MOHESR in its mission to establish an undergraduate Cloud and Emerging Technologies Associate Degree that will be offered across Eligible
Higher Education Institutes.