Training goals

Smart and efficient higher education institutions 
Transforming higher education institutions into smart institutions through the development of technological infrastructure and modern learning mechanisms

Our Impact

Skills of the future of graduate 2050 Supporting higher education institutions in updating graduates' digital skills and linking them to the labor market in the field of technology


Skills Hub academic program

  • Enhanced IT Skills

  • Expanded Knowledge Base

  • Improved Teaching Methods

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Providing the trainers with educational materials used in the training.

  • Granting a certified trainer certificate to the candidates after passing the trainers test.

Our Partners

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MoHESR Capacity building program
“Empowering Excellence”


MoHESR AWS Academic Hub is all about supporting universities, academic staff and MOHESR in its mission to establish an undergraduate Cloud and Emerging Technologies Associate Degree that will be offered across Eligible
Higher Education Institutes.