Networks Track

Networks Track


Huawei Access Network Certification Training

HCIA-Access Training

Training Path             


HCIA-Access Training


5.0 days


Target Audience

Those who wish to become a access network associate.

Those who hope to obtain HCIA certification.


  • Those who have obtained the same level technical certificate in the industry, and hope to obtain Huawei certificate.


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Outline the functions of TCP/IP, routing and VLAN forwarding process, can apply TCPIP working principles to data forwarding
  • Outline GPON typical application scenarios, key GPON components, upstream and downstream technology
  • Outline the key performance parameters on distance, bandwidth, optical launched power, received sensitive power, attenuation, etc.
  • Outline the function and structure of cabinet, frames, boards and cables
  • Perform GPON FTTH/B/C HSI and VoIP service configuration, maintenance and verification
  • Master the PPP/PPPoE, DHCP, SIP protocols
  • Master the basics of NMS

Training Contents

HCIA-Access Training

GPON Principles

  • GPON Network Architecture
  • GPON Protocol Analysis
  • Key GPON Technologies
  • Management and Service Provisioning Modes of the GPON System
  • GPON Networking Protection
  • Access Network Technology Evolution

GPON OLT Basic Operations

  • Device Connection
  • Introduction to Command Line Features
  • Basic System Operations
  • Management Environment Configuration

ODN Link Detection Guide

  • ODN and ODN Product Description
  • Introduction to the ODN Link Detection Tool and Parameters
  • ODN Engineering Construction Detection
  • ODN Service Provisioning and O&M Detection

Route Basics

  • Routing Protocols Basic
  • Static-route Introduction
  • VLAN Routing

DHCP Principles

  • Outline basic DHCP principles
  • Outline DHCP networking application

NMS Basics

  • Introduction to the SNMP Protocol
  • Manager U2000 System Overview
  • eSight Overview
  • eSight Installation and Uninstallation
  • eSight Deployment Mode

Ethernet Overview

  • Ethernet Technology Development
  • Working Principles of the Ethernet

Access Network Overview

  • Concepts of the Access Network
  • Last-mile Solution
  • Typical Scenarios and Technologies of Traditional Access
  • Advantages and Typical Application Scenarios of PON

 xDSL Principles and Applications

  •  xDSL Technology Overview
  • ADSL/ADSL2+ Technical Principles
  • Introduction to the VDSL/VDSL2 Technology
  • Introduction to the Ultra-Broadband Technology

PPP and PPPoE Protocols

  •  Outline the basic principles of the PPP protocol
  • Outline the process of exchanging LCP and NCP protocol data packets
  • Outline the basic principles of the PPPoE protocol

FTTx System Overview

  •  FTTx Network Overview
  • Introduction to hardware structure and module functions of FTTx network devices
  • Describe the application scenarios of the FTTx network

VLAN Technology Principle

  • The cause of VLAN
  • The division method of VLAN
  •  Configuration and implementation of VLAN

VoIP Principles

  • Outline the networking structure of the NGN
  • Outline the functions of the SIP protocol
  • Outline the message interaction process of the SIP protocol

GPON Broadband Service Provisioning and Configurations

  • Outline VLAN principles and applica
  • Outline the GPON broadband service process
  • Perform broadband service configuration and maintenance

GPON Voice Service Provisioning and Configurations

  • n Introduction to the SIP protocol
  • n Perform Voice service configuration
  • n Perform Voice service maintenance

TCP/IP Basics

  • Functions of TCP/IP layers
  • Functions and formats of IP addresses
  •  Functions of IP routes
  • VLAN definition
  • VLAN division mode
  • Benefits of dividing a VLAN

HCIA-Access Lab Guide

  • FTTx xPON Basic Operations
  • FTTx xPON Basic Configurations
  • FTTx GPON BIAS Configuration
  • FTTx GPON xDSL BIAS Configuration
  • FTTx SIP Voice Service Configuration
  • eSight PON Basic Operations

 FTTx GPON Terminal Operations and Maintenance

  • Terminal Profile Types
  • Process of Adding an ONT
  • Example for Adding Various ONTs
  • ONT Maintenance and Query


5 working days


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