Cloud Computing Track

Cloud Computing Track

Huawei Cloud Computing Certification Training

HCIA-Cloud Computing Training


Training Path             


HCIA-Cloud Computing Training V4.0


5.0 days


Target Audience

  • Those who hope to become Cloud Computing engineers
  • Those who hope to obtain HCIA-Cloud certificate
  • Operators and Maintainers
  • Administrators
  • Planners and designers


  • Be familiar with basic knowledge of IT.
  • Be familiar with basic knowledge of server and PC OS.
  • Be familiar with basic knowledge of storage.
  • Be familiar with basic knowledge of Linux


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe what cloud computing is.
  • Describe the history of cloud computing.
  • List a few use cases of cloud computing.
  • Describe the characteristics of cloud computing
  • Be able to describe what virtualization is.
  • Understand the differences between virtualization and cloud computing.
  • Understand KVM technology.
  • Understand Huawei's FusionSphere virtualization solution.

Training Contents

HCIA-Cloud Computing Training V4.0

Brief Introduction to Cloud computing

  • Cloud Computing Is Already Here
  • Cloud Computing Advantages
  • Cloud Computing Definition
  • Origin and Development of Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Models

Introduction to Compute Virtualization

  • Introduction to Virtualization
  • Introduction to KVM
  • Introduction to FusionCompute

Network Basics for Cloud Computing

  • Network Architecture for Virtualization
  • Physical Network for Virtualization.
  • Virtual Network for Virtualization
  • Network Features of Huawei Virtualization Product

Storage Virtualization Basics

  • Storage Architecture for Virtualization
  • Physical Disk Types and Related Techniques
  • Centralized Storage vs. Distributed Storage
  • Virtualized Storage vs. Non-Virtualized Storage
  • Introduction to VM Disks
  • Storage Features of Huawei's Virtualization Product

Introduction to Virtualization Features

  • Introduction to Cluster Features
  • Introduction to Virtualization Features
  • Introduction to the Features of Huawei’s Virtualization Product

Cloud Computing Trends

  • Fields Related to Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Technologies
  • Cloud Computing Trends
  • Other Emerging Technologies


5 working days


MoHESR AWS Academic Hub is all about supporting universities, academic staff and MOHESR in its mission to establish an undergraduate Cloud and Emerging Technologies Associate Degree that will be offered across Eligible
Higher Education Institutes.