Implement enablement plan focused on skills development for ICT staff members who are associated to MoHESR and higher education institutions.

According to the stated background and skills gap mentioned in the National ICT Strategy and the Egyptian Cloud Strategy, Amazon Web Services (AWS) proposes this cloud computing field capacity building program to develop the AWS cloud skills of Egyptian employees working in the field of information technology in the higher education and scientific research sector under the auspices of and official supervision from the MoHESR and funded by AWS. AWS builds the competence, confidence, and credibility of MoHESR employees with practical cloud skills that help them innovate and build the future of education cloud in Egypt.

Use of the proposed program will support employees to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals, concepts, and best practices for architecture and operation in the AWS Cloud. The program will include a full educational path including digital training offerings, classroom courses, 
videos, white papers, certifications, and other resources. All hand-picked by AWS experts to teach them the required cloud skills and real-world knowledge they can immediately use to grow the future of digital transformation of higher education in Egypt. 

Basic requirements to join the program

  • Familiarity with general networking concepts
  • Basic concepts of cloud computing (Familiarity with cloud computing concepts)
  • Familiarity with programming concepts
  • Availability of a personal computer connected to the high-speed Internet, with a stable connection
  • Passing the pre-placement test with a score of not less than 70%.

MoHESR AWS Academic Hub Pre-requisites and Eligibility

The candidate should register to the initiative and provide evidence that he/she working as an ICT Staff at MOHESR or one of the Egyptian academic institutions approved by the MOHESR and the SCU. 

Program benefits for trainees 

  • Building technical skills and capabilities in the field of cloud computing.
  • Obtaining accredited and at the hands of trainers with teaching and practical experience in the field of cloud computing and obtaining an accredited certificate of attending the program from Amazon Web Services
  • The opportunity to obtain an international certificate approved by Amazon Web Services in the field of cloud computing (AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner) in the event of passing the post-training exam with a score of no less than 70%
  • The opportunity to be nominated to attend an intensive and specialized training course in the field of (Cloud Solutions Architect) in the event of passing the international certification exam (AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner)
  • Make decisions based on AWS core principles and best practices
  • Leverage AWS services to make infrastructure scalable, reliable, and available
  •  Leverage AWS Managed Services to enable greater infrastructure flexibility
  • Make infrastructure based on AWS more efficient to increase performance and reduce costs
  • Utilize an outstanding framework and infrastructure optimization plan using AWS solutions
  • Manage, secure, and scale compute on AWS
  • Determine which container services and services are available for serverless computing
  • Building virtual private networks
  • Configure and manage storage options using storage services provided with AWS
  • Learn about different AWS solutions and services in emerging technologies
  • Practical and professional application of AWS solutions and services in the field of education

Program Structure and time allocation   
The candidate workload expected to allocate total 96 hours to be attended over 21 working days. The program will 
also require a similar time dedication for self-based online training and studies ove ra period of 3 month. 


MoHESR AWS Academic Hub is all about supporting universities, academic staff and MOHESR in its mission to establish an undergraduate Cloud and Emerging Technologies Associate Degree that will be offered across Eligible
Higher Education Institutes.