Big Data Track

Big Data Track

Huawei Big Data Certification Training

HCIA-Big Data Training

Training Path             


HCIA-Big Data Training


5.0 days

Target Audience

  • Big data practitioners
  • Big data related industry practitioners


  • Have basic knowledge of Linux
  • With IT project experience
  • Have Hadoop basics


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Master the principles of big data components
  • Master the usage of big data components

Training Contents

HCIA-Big Data Training

MapReduce - Distributed Off-line Batch Processing and Yarn - Resource Negotiator

  • Introduction to MapReduce and YARN
  • Functions and Architectures of MapReduce and YARN
  • Resource Management and Task Scheduling of YARN
  • Enhanced Features

HBase - Distributed NoSQL Database

  • Introduction to HBase
  • Functions and Architecture of HBase
  • Key Processes of HBase
  • Huawei Enhanced Features of HBase

HDFS - Hadoop Distributed File System

  • HDFS Overview and Application Scenarios
  • Position of HDFS in FusionInsight HD
  • HDFS System Architecture
  • Key Features

Streaming - Distributed Stream Computing Engine

  • Introduction to Streaming
  • System Architecture
  • Key Features
  • Introduction to StreamCQL

Kafka - Distributed Message Subscription System

  • Introduction to Kafka
  • Architecture and Functions of Kafka
  • Key Processes of Kafka

Zookeeper - Cluster Distributed Coordination Service

  • Introduction to ZooKeeper
  • Position of ZooKeeper in FusionInsight
  • System Architecture
  • Key Features
  • Relationship with Other Components

Big Data Industry and Technological Trends

  • Big Data Era
  • Big Data Application Scope
  • Opportunities and Challenges in the Big Data Era
  • Huawei Big Data Solution

FusionInsight HD Solution Overview

  • FusionInsight Overview
  • FusionInsight Features
  • Success Cases of FusionInsight

Flume - Massive Logs Aggregation

  • Flume Overview and Architecture
  • Key Characteristics of Flume
  • Flume Applications

Hive - Distributed Data Warehouse

  • Introduction to Hive
  • Hive Functions and Architecture
  • Basic Hive Operations

Spark2x - In-memory Distributed Computing Engine

  • Spark Overview
  • Spark Principles and Architecture
  • Spark Integration in FusionInsight HD

Loader - Data Transformation

  • Introduction to Loader
  • Loader Job Management

Flink – Stream Processing and Batch Processing Platform

  • Flink Overview
  • Technical Principles and Architecture of Flink
  • Flink Integration in FusionInsight HD


5 working days


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